"Holmes Finance" offer assistance in

  • Mortgage and investment Finance.
  • Refinance including a Mortgage ‘Health Check’.
  • Superannuation and whole life planning.
  • Risk, Life and Trauma Insurance, ensuring you security.
  • Financial Planning advice to optimize your financial situation.
  • Reducing tax and taking advantage of the new tax rulings.
  • Wealth Creation and Property Investment
  • Looking at your financial structure

We take very simple steps

We take very simple steps to make sure that we can make a difference to your wallet each & every week. We want to make sure you are not one of those people paying too much on their mortgage each month because you are not aware of what is available to you in the market place.

We maybe able to recommend an alternative mortgage product that is may be more suitable, more flexible and one that may suit your needs better but most importantly, we will save you a considerable amount of money

With "Holmes Finance"

  • We get your money fast!
  • We deal with not just the Big 4!
  • We give you free and fast assessments!

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“Holmes Finance" will help you by

  • Taking out all the stress and work from getting a loan
  • Saving you valuable time and money
  • Provide various finance options and not just the Big 4.
  • Explaining of all the pitfalls, traps and fine prints of your options
  • Negotiating a better deal
  • Providing full control and access to your money