"Holmes Finance" Will Give You

  • Access to a wide range of lenders including the BIG 4
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Flexible, low and competitive interest rates
  • Transparency on all fees, charges and commissions
  • The right loan structure tailored to your circumstances
  • And we can come directly to you, weekend included

"Holmes Finance" allows you to promptly gain a clear understanding of all your financial options – including how you might achieve the best outcome for your needs, how long it might take and potential fees and charges. "Holmes Finance" will save you time, money and stress looking for your ideal home loan. It's that simple!

"Holmes Finance" will help you by

  • Taking out all the stress and work from getting a loan
  • Saving you valuable time and money
  • Getting your finances simplified and sorted out
  • Providing full control and access to your money
  • Provide various finance options and not just the Big 4.
  • Explaining of all the pitfalls and fine prints of your options

We are ASIC & MFAA accredited

Our mortgage brokers are licensed by ASIC and carry all the relevant regulatory requirements including the MFAA. We represent a wide range of lenders and provide people with the opportunity to compare and customise their financial structure so that they can meet both immediate as well as long term financial and lifestyle objectives.

Why our service is free

As Mortgage Brokers, we receive a fee or commission from the lender for our work to advise and prepare loan submissions for approval. Doing it this way ensures you are getting the best package that suits you with no strings attached. Talk to us today and we will find the ideal loan that suits you and we will save you valuable time and money by doing all the leg work for you.

With "Holmes Finance"

  • We get your money fast!
  • We deal with not just the Big 4!
  • We give you free and fast assessments!

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We guide you through the mortgage maze.

We help you understand the differences between loan types, lenders, fees and charges all whilst making the whole process as seamless and simple as possible ensuring you have the right financial structure.

You could be paying too much

We talk to many people daily who are not taking advantage of all the different loan products that are available to them at the moment. Now is the time to see if you can get a better deal with "Holmes Finance" where you will enjoy greater choice and flexibility and it’s the perfect time to refinance or start your investment portfolio