Getting your first home loan

Is exciting and a little scary at the same time. Not only are you faced with the challenge of finding the right property to become your first home, but you also need to know you're getting the right first home loan. The Australian mortgage market can be a confusing maze of options, home loan interest rates and bank jargon that can be difficult for a first home buyer to navigate successfully, but you don't have to get through it on your own.

"Holmes Finance" understand that buying your first home can seem confusing and complicated. Our mortgage advisers can help you to choose a loan that’s right for you, without all the running around. Our advice is based on years of experience and costs you nothing..

"Holmes Finance" will

  • Tell you exactly how much deposit you will need.
  • Help with your First Home Buyers’ Incentives such as FHOG.
  • Explain all the costs involved in financing your first home.
  • calculate the amount you can borrow.
  • Tell you your exact repayment amount on your chosen loan.
  • Explain all the family guarantee loan options available.
  • Help you find a loan solution that gives you the flexibility you need

When is the best time to get my first home loan?

First home buyers often want to know when the best time to buy is going to be. There is no right or wrong time to buy your first home - only the time that suits you and your circumstances. Many would-be investors will try to time the market and buy at the bottom of the real estate cycle, looking for a bargain, but the truth is it makes no difference when you buy. The right time is when you feel you're ready to go out and buy your own home. .

Which first home loan is best?

When it comes to finding the 'best' first mortgage for you, it's important to remember that no two people have identical financial situations. Nobody else but you have your income, your expenses or your goals. This means that aiming at a mortgage that worked really well for a friend or family member of yours may be a terrible option for your own first home loan. Always keep in mind that you should aim at finding a mortgage package that works best for your unique personal situation. .

Pre-Approved Loans.

  • It gives you peace of mind
  • You have the confidence of knowing how much you can pay for your house
  • Jump the queue ahead of those house hunters who haven’t locked down their level of borrowing.
  • You have stronger bargaining power with the vendor as your pre approval may take one of the key conditions out of the purchasing process
  • You are able to bid at auction under the pre approval terms

You know how much you can afford, but what does the bank think? Getting a pre-approved loan with "Holmes Finance" is easy. We ensure you can shop with confidence for your dream home knowing that your finance is conditionally pre-approved with our fast pre-approved loans.

Why get preapproved now?

For starters, submitting a mortgage application will let you know where you stand now. A preapproval will also let you know what down payment is required, what your monthly mortgage payment will be and the maximum sales price of a house you qualify for. .

With "Holmes Finance"

  • We get your money fast!
  • We deal with not just the Big 4!
  • We give you free and fast assessments!

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Our First Home Loans have:

  • Fast application processing and Fast Approval.
  • Flexible Loan Features.
  • Re-draw and extra repayments facilities
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.
  • Fixed, Variable or Split loan options.
  • Current lender discounts and promotions.
  • 100% offset account.
  • Access to your loan online

"Holmes Finance"

  • Compare hundreds of home loans in just minutes
  • We cut through the red tape so there’s no downtime!
  • We look at all the features of your home loan, not just the rate
  • Get personalised support, Helpful advice and Informed choices
  • We take care of everything
  • We save you time, money, energy and stress
  • We help you make sense of the home loan maze.
  • Call you at a time that suits you
  • Answer all your queries immediately
  • Assist you with all the application processes
  • Keep you informed every step of the way