Why "Holmes Finance" is different

A "Holmes Finance" finance professional doesn’t just give you an off the shelf loan package that everyone else gets! Every client we assist has an individual financial model designed specifically for them by our finance professionals. "Holmes Finance" help you take charge and control of your financial situation by providing you with valuable expertise and knowledge and giving you total access to the growing number of services available that will assist both you and your family.

"Holmes Finance" provide people with a no cost opportunity to compare and customise their finances to meet any immediate or long term financial and lifestyle objectives; we can help you interpret complex financial issues as well as ensuring the most appropriate strategies are in place for you;

  • We work for you and we give you specific and intelligent advice.
  • We carry out the research focused on your financial requirements.
  • We will save you valuable time by doing all the leg work for you.
  • We will make the process seamless, hassle free and with no stress for you.
  • We listen carefully to identify and qualify your needs in a mortgage.

We know what you want!

  • You want to see a wide range of available products, not just those from the Big Four
  • You want to find a lender that will accept your application
  • You want a better level of service
  • You want to get a better deal
  • You was able to see a broker after work or at the weekend
  • You want to save you time and money
  • You want your broker to take the stress away from the process

With "Holmes Finance"

  • We get your money fast!
  • We deal with not just the Big 4!
  • We give you free and fast assessments!

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When you Use Us

We do the hard work for you. Our "Holmes Finance" Mobile Lending Managers are ready to assist you throughout the process, and often save you thousands of dollars. We find the best suitable product from each bank and arrange them side-by-side so that you can be sure you’re getting a great deal.